What is a Company Store

What is a Company Store/Marketing Portal

A marketing portal or company store is an online, on-demand repository that helps corporate marketing departments empower large, distributed teams with approved brand assets. It provides users the ability to streamline the ordering process with maintaining both brand and budget integrity.

Benefits of a Company Store

Having Drew & Rogers build out your company store can bring many benefits to your employees, vendors and your customers. Here are a few potential advantages to having a company store:

  1. Brand Consistency: A company store can help maintain a consistent brand image across all promotional products, ensuring that all items ordered are using the same brand colors, logos, and messaging. This consistency can reinforce your client’s brand image and make it more recognizable to their customers.
  2. Efficiency and Control: A company store can streamline the ordering process for your customers by providing a centralized location to order branded merchandise. This can help your client’s employees quickly and easily order products as needed, without the need for time-consuming back-and-forth communication with a sales team.
  3. Increased Brand Loyalty: A company store can help create a sense of unity and pride among your client’s employees, as they can feel a sense of ownership and connection to the company when using branded products. This can also help increase brand loyalty among customers who receive these promotional products.
  4. Cost Savings: A company store can help your customers save money on promotional products by taking advantage of bulk purchasing and standardized pricing. Additionally, having a central location to order products can help reduce shipping costs and minimize the need for rush orders.
  5. Data Insights: A company store can provide valuable data insights into the ordering habits of your customers, including which products are most popular, which departments are ordering the most products, and which items are being ordered the most frequently. This information can be used to better tailor your product offerings to your customers’ needs and improve overall customer satisfaction.
  6. Its Free: Most of Drew & Rogers sites are built by D&R for nothing if you place the business with D&R, but keep in mind we are agnostic, and we host products from other vendors too, so that you can still have one store front for ALL of your marketing and printed products!

Overall, a company store can be a valuable tool for your clients to help maintain brand consistency, increase efficiency, and save costs on promotional products.