Stationery Ordering Solutions

One of our specialties is creating web-ordering portals for company’s stationery and branded products. Our solutions allow your company’s personnel to order stationery from anywhere in the world. Users enter their information into a secure website and see real-time, WYSIWYG proofs. Artwork is created using a PDF workflow to help eliminate errors. Orders can flow directly to us for production or can be routed to an “approver” as necessary.Created by our web development team, web portals utilizing your company’s brand guidelines contain fillable templates for each stationery item. Once a user completes a template, a soft PDF proof is generated and approved. An ordering portal can be incorporated into an existing company website and be designed to have the same look or skin as the host site. Often a requistioner will have no idea that they are operating in another company’s website during the ordering time.Watch the video to see how it works.

Products associated with stationery-ordering portals

Interfacing with existing purchasing platforms is possible. We support interoperability “punch-out” from Arriba, SAP, and PeopleSoft.

Benefits of a stationery-ordering site