The Company

Our client is a global container shipping company and is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer-focused and reliable ocean transportation services. Their vision, built from a strong heritage of uprightness, constant care, and innovation has guided their business operations since their inception. By remaining committed to that vision they have expanded their business to become the world’s largest ocean carrier, and they are consistently recognized as the most reliable container shipping company.

The Challenge

Drew & Rogers was needed to create a 24/7 sales support tool for the national sales team that encompassed marketing’s existing strategies as well as rolling out a new client gift program. The tool needed to support multiple mediums of collateral included promotional, print, direct mail, warehousing, and fulfillment.

The Solution

Drew & Rogers designed, programmed, and implemented a supply portal that included the items in the challenge and much more. Our portal is a custom solution that is branded to match the current online presentation the client uses for their website. We were able to include print on demand postcards, thank you cards, holiday cards, and data sheets, all of which can be personalized. Included with the personalization is the opportunity for the sales representative to include a thank you gift, which can be selected from inventoried promotional products in our warehouse.

Along with the opportunity to order individual postcards for clients, the sales representative could also order a mailing of postcards to a supplied or purchased mail list. Marketing controls the design and layout of the postcard, and only personal information and a brief message can be added by the user. The user is able to personalize the card, upload or purchase a mail list, see a proof of the first five records, and then submit the order for mailing.

The data sheets have a very short shelf life since information is constantly updated; therefore, the solution of going print on demand for these allows the users to order only what they need, when they need it. We also developed a kitting function around the data sheets that allows the sales representative the ability to order custom sales kits for meetings. The sales kits include the necessary data sheets collated into a folder with a cover letter and promotional products to hand out at the meeting.

For the promotional products, we were able to present the user with the option to order marketing-supported promotional products or premium products, which they pay for via credit card. These items are printed, inventoried, and billed up shipping to the user. Along with the promotional products are framed prints, posters, and banners that can be ordered as gifts or for use at trade shows.

The Result

The system is now fully integrated into marketing and we have become a partner with the client, working as an extension of their Marketing department. We are approaching 200 users within the system who have access to it 24/7. Marketing is able to roll out programs to the sales force through the supply portal in a swift and inexpensive manner.

The supply portal has grown to include all stationery products, including business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and forms. With the reporting capabilities of the system the client is able to manage inventories, derive the effectiveness of a program or product, and keep very tight controls on their budget.

The sales people now have a tool that allows them to connect with their clients in a professional, marketing-approved manner. They’re able to meet with clients, and then successfully log on to the portal to order postcards, holiday cards, and sales kits for meeting, all with the click of a button at their private desktop.