Sales Force Solutions

Drew & Rogers has been working with marketing and sales organizations since 1944. Our goal is to automate as many of your company’s day-to-day, repetitive, and tedious tasks as possible. We develop Company Stores for stationery and promotional programs, as well as web to print and Print On Demand (POD) programs. Our Company Stores may encompass kitting, warehousing, general mailing, and emailing solutions as needed on a case-by-case requirement.

Print On Demand

As part of our Company Stores products suite, Drew & Rogers offers a web to print system that provides an automated solution for creating, printing, and managing the delivery of static, versioned, and variable data pieces. Using predefined, press-ready PDF templates, print customers use this browser based system to request items and follow the job through the production and fulfillment process. Using our solution your company can have real time, anywhere access to the materials it needs to build and maintain its success.

Services We Offer

Benefits of Using a Web to Print System

Document Management

Drew & Rogers offers the Document Manager, a document management solution that gives a company’s employees the ability to create documents on their desktop. Common corporate documents like sales presentations, training manuals, requests for proposals, and requests for information can all be built at your desk. Document Manager supports most file types including Illustrator, PDF, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Building a document is simple. It can be done in 10 easy steps:

  1. Upload documents into a digital library
  2. Chose the documents you want to add to your presentation
  3. Add tabs, covers, and dividers as needed
  4. Choose your papers
  5. Choose your colors
  6. Proof the finished product on your screen
  7. Submit the order
  8. Option of a credit card check-out or purchase order check-out
  9. Orders can arrive the next day
  10. Full usage and budget reporting

Advantages of using a document e-solution

  • More consistent and often lower pricing on color and black and white copies
  • Quicker deliveries of documents
  • More accurate documents
  • Document library allows for centralized document archival and retrieval
  • Reporting module allows for company-wide budgeting and usage analysis

The Document Manager is a great way for a company to bring financial controls to document design and production. In addition to bringing financial control over document production, our solution also centralizes a company’s documents so that, if desired, they can be accessed company-wide, which eliminates labor and duplication of efforts.