Retail – Connect and Leverage Your Retail Channel

Make it easy for your stores to order the goods and content they need to be successful.

As retail operations grow and expand their brick and mortar stores, it can quickly become expensive and complicated to distribute the goods and content store managers and operators need to run a successful location.  Corporate Operations, Marketing and HR need to provide store essentials like supplies, marketing materials and training collateral in a customized workflow; the stores need an easy, convenient and cohesive ordering platform to ensure their store has what they need, when they need it.

Retailing Needs Met – All Day, Every Day

Enable 24/7 ordering for store managers and operators of all the things they need to operate including: store supplies, advertising, promotional products, training materials, incentive programs, digital assets and more.

Reduce Communication Costs

Reduce the time from concept to production for Marketing, Human Resources and Operating resources. Eliminate costly approval processes by automating workflow.

Increase Speed Of Knowledge Distribution

New ideas, strategy, goods and assets become available for use and consumption, from corporate down to store with the click of a button.

Increase Partner, Stores, Vendor, And Supplier Satisfaction

A custom built Company Store solution turns your offices and stores into a leveraged business network. This network is easily maintained and scaled over time ensuring that your network participants have a smooth experience with your brand.

Good for Corporate, Good for Stores

A comprehensive, web-based, internal ecommerce system that allows all of your stores to quickly get the items and content they need to be successful from one central source. With a D&R Company Store, corporate retail operations can deploy marketing resources, store operation guidelines, and human resource knowledge quickly and cost effectively saving time and money, and eliminating error.