The Company

Club Monaco is a retail chain of jewelry stores based in Manhattan. It is a subsidiary of Polo Corporation, a large Fortune 500 company that specializes in high-end clothing and accessories.

The Challenge

Club Monaco often uses small boutique jewelry designers to create new and expensive, limited edition jewelry pieces to be retailed at its branches, especially for test marketing purposes. These small suppliers, however, don’t offer a fulfillment service, which means Club Monaco has to supply packing materials and labeling requirements when the order is awarded to the jewelry supplier. After the jewelry is created and placed into cartons and boxes, they apply the shipping labels. The completed packages are sent to the Club Monaco fulfillment center for distribution to the branches.

The biggest problem they encounter is getting barbell labels variably imaged with a unique UPC barcode, sell price, and country of origin in a timely manner. Since the orders are often very small — less than 50 labels — most of the large printers view these orders as unimportant, so creating the artwork and printing plates for them becomes unnecessarily expensive.

The Solution

Drew & Rogers identified five to 10 common label sizes and created standardized templates. These templates were then put online through our Company Store portal. Through this portal, the customer is able to chose a template from the list, enter their information, and see a PDF proof that includes the UPC barcode in seconds. Once the order is submitted, we thermally image the base stock on hand and deliver the labels within 24-48 hours.

The Result

Club Monaco was extremely happy with our solution. Their orders became streamlined so the end result included faster turnaround times, less expensive labels, and more accurate label products. We ultimately removed a bottleneck in their supply line, allowing them to get their products to market in a faster, less expensive manner.

The Future

Club Monaco is now reviewing their small package requirements and looking to possibly standardize these into templates for future personalization.