Mailing Solutions

Drew & Rogers handles all of your mailing needs from list acquisition through production. We can design your mailer, acquire the list based on your criteria, then address and mail your marketing piece.

Services we offer

  • Mailer design
  • List acquisition
  • Data management
  • Lettershop services
  • Additional fulfillment services

Mailer design

We offer graphic design services that will give you the best marketing design for the least amount of money. We will design your piece with the best graphics while incorporating the latest USPS design constraints, giving you the lowest postage cost possible.

List acquisition

We give you the ability to buy very select lists based on your search criteria. Both business lists and household lists are available. We have access to some of the biggest and most specialized lists available anywhere.

Data management services

We are the experts when it comes to updating and cleansing your database files. Let us show you how to maximize your ROI by pinpointing your specific target markets with our unique software programs. Some of our data processing programs include:

• NCOA (National Change of Address)
• USPS CASS-DPBC Certification
• USPS PAVE Certification
• Duplicate elimination
• Presorting
• Merge-purge
• File suppression
• Geocoding
• Genderization
• IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcoding and tracking)
• Custom reporting

Lettershop Services

Our partner facilities have some of the cleanest, most modern lettershops on the East Coast. Our core competency is matching and inserting variable data jobs on various machines. We offer two and three way camera match inserting into a #10 envelope, all the way up to a 10×13 booklet envelope. We are capable of multiple matches across different package versions.

Let us show you how to maximize your postage savings by utilizing our partner’s intelligent inserters, which allow you to run multiple versions in a single print stream. Our partners use one of the fastest inserter technologies in the world. We are able to insert up to 14,000 envelopes per hour on this specialized equipment. We set the bar for the highest quality production rates in our industry.