Promotional Items Ordering System

Drew & Rogers offers exceptional kitting and fulfillment services in our 55,000 square foot facility, turning your ideas into functional marketing solutions. Our dedicated customer service and innovative and proprietary kitting and fulfillment software solution has allowed us to achieve more than 70 years of success. Our solution allows you to integrate your printed and promotional materials into a customized, efficient e-commerce site and provides the following features and benefits to customers:

  • Customized catalogs for easy access to all of your products
  • Quick, accurate order processing with access to your online store and reports 24/7
  • Real-time tracking on the status of each order 24/7
  • Real-time reporting with in-depth order history
  • Create order templates to place quick repeat or new site orders
  • Custom summary or detailed billing to include your cost centers or groups
  • Unrivaled personal customer service with a single point of contact

In addition, customers have the ability to approve their orders. Users may view and approve these orders from multiple locations before they’re submitted.

Online customization and proofing is another option. This helps maintain brand consistency and reduce the chance of printing errors and having to reprint.

Please watch our video on kitting and our abilities.

Common applications

  • Marketing kits
  • Literature fulfillment programs
  • Mail order and telemarketing support kits
  • Fundraisers telemarketing fulfillment solutions
  • Letter programs for decentralized sales and marketing teams

Drew & Rogers can implement your current ordering system into our e-procurement system within weeks, providing a seamless transition and immediate cost reductions.

By converting to our online solution, Drew & Rogers can reduce current transactions and print costs to provide company- wide savings of up to 30% to 40%.