The Company

Lane McVicker is an insurance broker specializing in property and casualty insurance. Their primary provider is the Chubb Insurance Company. Lane McVicker operates out of approximately 10 branches throughout the United States.

The Challenge

Lane McVicker is experiencing explosive growth and still trying to maintain a sophisticated and consistent look to its clients and prospects. However, due to fast growth and geographical separation, each of the branches has taken a slightly different path on marketing its products.

The Solution

Drew & Rogers was able to solve Lane McVicker’s problems by taking their marketing collateral and putting it online. Lane McVicker used engraved stationery for its cards and stationery. We created templates for the stationery, giving the company’s representatives the ability to order stationery online and view real-time proofs. We also added an approval process so that all stationery orders were reviewed and approved by Human Resources before the orders were released to ensure titles compliance. In addition, all proposal binders, covers, and folders were put online with the ability to personalize them with client names and addresses for high-value proposals. Finally, we also added tab sets that could be ordered as stock items or personalized as needed for custom tab set dividers for binder proposals.

The Result

Lane McVicker ended up with an online marketing portal for the entire sales organization. The most important goal of unifying the brand across branches was achieved. Some other benefits included title approval by Human Resources, along with centralized control for budgeting and cost allocation. Finally, the Accounting department now receives a single invoice on a monthly basis, eliminating unnecessary labor and the processing of loose invoices from multiple vendors.