Franchise – Connect Everyone & Everything, Fuel Franchise Growth

D&R Company Store Platform is a commerce and connectivity solution that connects everyone and everything in your franchise (internal franchisor functions like: marketing, human resources and operations, internal systems, franchisees, employees, customers and, and suppliers) together, establishing order and automating the flow of printed and promotional goods and services

Instant Access To Everything Needed To Operate A Successful Franchise Location.

From Marketing campaigns, HR materials, Operations, Training and more, have everything your franchisees need to run a successful business ready to order, access or download 24/7.

Easily Monitor Franchisee Health

With custom reports you can see which locations are consuming the goods and content you make available to them, or feed that data into other information systems such as your CRM for a comprehensive, franchise-wide view.

Gain Financial Leverage

Our Company Store Platform is custom configured to fit your unique business needs and can be managed by you, or by Drew & Rogers. Or Company Store Platform is web-based and does not require software, hardware or human resource investments.

Increase Partner, Franchisee, Vendor, And Supplier Satisfaction

A custom configured, our Company Store Platform solution turns your partners and franchisees into a leveraged business network. This network is easily maintained and scaled over time ensuring that your network participants have a smooth experience with your brand.